Gelukwense aan
Annie Landman

Today, Dear Lord, I'm 80 and there's so much I haven't done.
I hope You'll let me live until I'm 81.

But then, if I haven't finished all I want to do
Would you let me stay a while -. Until I'm 82?

So many places I want to go, so much to see
Do You think You could manage to make it 83?

The world is changing very fast, there is so much in store
I'd like it very much to live until I'm 84.

I know, dear Lord, it's much to ask (and it must be nice in Heaven)
But I would really like to stay until I'm 87.

I'm 90 Lord, my mind is sound
I like it here - can still walk around.
My time here is limited I know
And sometimes I'll have to go.

I'm not greedy or guided by fears
I want to see what happens in the next few years
I'm sure You've heard this plea before
But my bags will be packed at 104!

Pastoor & Mev Cloete

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